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Seal BondAbout Seal Bond Products


Seal BondSeal Bond

Seal BondSeal Bond

Building on our vast knowledge of chemical compounds and manufacturing techniques, we continue to add innovative products and solutions for your specific bonding, sealing and coating applications.

For well over a decade, Seal Bond has been developing and expanding their line of products for a variety of industries and applications. We have an extensive offering so give us a call with specific questions or for assistance in selecting the ideal product for your application.

  • Seal Bond Products are a series of multipurpose Adheives, Coatings and Sealants designed for difficult containment, bonding or sealing applications.

  • Seal Bond Products are based on a proprietary, elastomeric copolymer. These products have exceptional adhesion, elasticity, and resistance to tear, shear, stress, and weathering properties and are non-toxic.

  • Seal Bond Products cure with the presence of atmospheric moisture enabling them to cure in damp, wet environments.

  • Seal Bond Products cure in low temperature below 30 degrees F. They resist operating temperatures -40°F to 220°F and are temporarily resistant to 390°F.

  • Seal Bond Products are single component materials which are packaged in caulking tubes or pails.

  • Seal Bond Products are formulated into specific products to resist to fuels, acids and alkalis.

  • Seal Bond Products are paintable with most polymer coatings and linings

  • Seal Bond Products have high elongation properties and will maintain seals in high vibration and expansion areas. Seal Bond stays flexible and will not become brittle in UV light.

  • Seal Bond Products usually do not require priming.

  • Seal Bond Products are solvent free. Seal Bond can safely be used in confined spaces and are environmentally compliant products.

  • Seal Bond 90 can be used to seal control joints, cracks and X joints that are wet, green or damp to temperatures as lower than 30 Degrees F.

  • Seal Bond MX 11, 12 and 13 can be used to bond secondary containment liners to damp concrete including, Hypalon, EPDM. This material can be used to repair roofs or liners by bonding aggressively to EPDM, PVC, coal tar, many types of coated metal, and FRP.

  • Seal Bond MX 11, 12 and 13 can be used to seal termination points and penetrations into secondary containment liners or roofs. Emergency repairs can be made through water.

  • Seal Bond MSPR - is a sprayable or trowelable version used on vertical walls for concrete waterproofing, scratch coating or repair

  • Seal Bond MSL - Self leveling for repair of pitted floors or as crack bridging underlayment. Seal Bond MSL can be used as a rubberized floor product with addition of aggregate and penetrating sealer coat.

  • Seal Bond 88 - is especially formulated for bonding to EPDM rubber compounds

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