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North Sea Resins
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Advanced Clear
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Pipe & Tank Repair


North Sea Resins -
Cure-On-Command & Harsh Environment Repair Solutions

Unique repair system uses cure-on-command resin that cure in 30-seconds with special blue light technology.

Fitting of Metal to Plastic

Underwater Blue Light Repair

Air Conditioning Line Repair

Power Thuster Repair

PVC Joint Sealant Repair

Window Sealant - Repaired Wet

North Sea Resins® (NSR) products incorporate cure-on-command resins that can be used as adhesives, fillers and sealants. These one-part resins require no mixing and they can cure at temperature extremes beyond 28degF and 104degF, without impacting strength characteristics. As a rapid cure product, the resin cures in as fast as 30 seconds. Cure times will vary according to specific resin product and depth of product applied. The mechanism of cure is a specific wavelength of visible light. This wavelength of light does not have harmful health effects. This resin can offer rapid repair options in the most difficult locations. Also, it is safe for drinking water use based on the ANSI/NSF 61 drinking water specification.

Uses for North Sea Resins from CCSi:

As a filler and sealant - NSR products have proven effective for composite materials, copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, FRP, PVC, ABS, HDPE, wood, and concrete. Although these products are not intended for use with rubber, they are highly versatile and suitable for most other marine and industrial product materials.

As an adhesive - NSR resins can be used with clear substrate hangers, disks or fiberglass mesh. Due to the requirement for light to reach the bond area, adhesive applications are effective when a clear top substrate is present.

Machine and maintenance down-time can be minimized due to the rapid cure time and minimal environmental considerations associated with use of the resin products. In a wet or damp environment, effective bonding can be achieved. Excellent for tank repair without draining or shut down. Also, these characteristics allow North Sea Resins products to be effective for performing emergency repairs to canoes, kayaks, and other water craft.

North Sea Resins Online Ordering

Field Service Tech Kit

The Field Service Tech Kit from North Sea Resins® is designed for facilities maintenance and plant engineering organizations. The kit contains the critical elements for completing timesensitive repairs under harsh conditions of temperature and moisture.

  • NSR Light: Blue 10-LED High Intensity Push Button Light, UL Rating
  • NSR Stylus Light: Blue 1-LED Light Designed To Reach Tight Places
  • NSR150 Resin (5mL): Cure-On-Command Resin For Plastics And Other Composites
  • NSR250 Resin (5mL): Cure-On-Command Resin For Metals
  • Applicator Tabs: 7”x3” Clear Non-Stick Tab To Apply Resin
  • Fiberglass Mesh: 6”x2” Mesh For Larger Repairs
  • Surface Prep Pads: 150grit Abrasive Pad
  • 3” Applicator Assist Disk: Secure resin under pressure
  • Hard Poly Carrying Case: Tool case for storage and use

The Field Service Tech Kit comes in a sturdy carrying case that allows for organized storage and re-use of the resins. NSR resins are certified by Underwriters Laboratories for use on drinking water systems per NSF 61 Drinking Water Standard.

Rapid Repair Kit

Rapid Repair Kits include all the material needed for an effective implementation of most emergency repairs. Part Number: NSRK150 (for plastics, composites, wood and concrete) and NSRK250 (for metals).

  • 5 ml syringe of specified resin
  • NSR "4 LED" Dive Rated Flashlight (includes 3 AA alkaline batteries)
  • 7" x 3" NSR Applicator Tab
  • 6" x 2" Fiberglass Mesh
  • 5 NSR Surface Preparation Pads
All NSR resins are available in multi-use, easy-dispense 5ml syringes. There is no mixing required, so the resin is provided in a single barrel syringe with a screw-on cap.

Refill Packs

Refill Packs include 5ml of resin, applicator tab, and additional fiberglass mesh. Refill Packs can be ordered by the following part numbers: NSR110-5, NSR150-5, NSR250-5.

Light Sources

North Sea Resins offers LED Flash Lights that have been specifically designed for the curing speeds and harsh conditions for which the resins are intended. NSR 4 LED flashlights are dive rated for use to depths of 1,000 feet. NSR 10 LED lights are UL Class 1, Division 1 rated and are suitable for use underwater to a depth of 25ft. NSR Stylus lights provide a small form factor light source for delivering the desired light under tight conditions.

Custom light sources can be provided upon request directly from CCSi. Another effective light source, provided you work with its availability, is sunlight. Sunlight contains the necessary wavelength of light to cure North Sea Resin materials.

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