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Advanced Clear
Hydrophobic Coating

Gentoo is the next generation of corrosion-resistant and easy-cleaning coatings. With its combination of high performing abrasion resistance and very low sliding angle, Gentoo excels where other coatings have fallen short..
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What We Do

Chemical Containment Systems, Inc provides industrial Environmental Health and Safety assistance to an array of agricultural, manufacturing and food production facilities. EHS management is a critical part of achieving good sustainable operational performance amid the numerous regulations and guidelines structuring industry today.

Our combination of product offerings and experienced technical support allows us to meet the continually evolving needs of our clients in innovative and highly personalized ways. Our core business is to assist in the planning, implementation and procedural processes involved in maintaining good EHS standards in the following areas:

Environmental Protection

CCSI provides solutions for safe and effective containment of hazardous and corrosive chemicals. We work with our clients on storm water management, container containment, spill monitoring and safe drainage of hazardous materials for collection and disposal. We offer multi-disciplined approaches to environmental protection of storage tanks, process tanks and plant infrastructure, employing specialty products and services to fit each client’s individual requirements.

Energy Optimization

CCSI has unique and innovative methods for dealing with biofilm fouling in industrial HVAC systems resulting in significant energy savings for our clients. By treating the basic biofilm issues, cooling towers, evaporating coils, plate and frame exchangers and chiller tubes can be kept free of scale buildup while treating the microbiome of the circulation water to reduce dangerous pathogens like legionella and listeria.

Health and Safety


Floor Maintenance

CCSI has come to specialize in helping to care for the floors at many types of production facilities. Certain applications like our fast-setting floor repair products help reduce trip-and-fall hazards without crippling downtimes in high-traffic areas. Our chemical resistance coatings are designed to protect floors from degrading under ever harsher chemical cleaning treatments.

Our line of specialized NSF-approved probiotic cleaners and alkaline degreasers (safe for both workers and the environment) is another important addition to the toolbox our clients use to remain safe and comfortably within regulatory compliance. From barns to finished food products, the proven pathogen-reduction capabilities of our special probiotic cleaning line has been one of our most exciting recent product additions.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

CCSI can work with internal EHS personnel to reduce the health effects stemming from contaminated Indoor Air Quality. We have environmentally friendly methods to deal with offensive odors in ductwork, coils and cooling water while reducing or eliminating allergens and aerosolized microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria. This offers relief from such puzzling problems like Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) by improving the IAQ from pathogens and even synthetic VOCs.

Water/Wastewater Treatment

In the agricultural industry, we have had encouraging successes in helping reduce pathogens in both the air and water, even those contaminating ground water, soil and waste water lagoons surrounding hog, dairy and poultry farms. Our beneficial microbes deal with the troublesome issues of waste contamination in holding water and various spills, turning problem molecules into innocuous C02 and soluble beneficial fatty acids. Across other industries we have good solutions for resolving issues such as grease plugs blocking drains and other health/cleaning water hazards.

Solution Driven.

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