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Advanced Clear
Hydrophobic Coating

Gentoo is the next generation of corrosion-resistant and easy-cleaning coatings. With its combination of high performing abrasion resistance and very low sliding angle, Gentoo excels where other coatings have fallen short..
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CCSI Agri-Rok Overlay

We are proud to offer this unique overlayment product. CSSI Agri-Rok is very versatile and can be used for serveral types of installation.

Watch these videos for information
on our Concrete Overlayment,
Polishable Floor, and Vertical Application.


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CCSI Agri-Rok Concrete Industrial Repair Sheet

  • Overlayment
    Dairy Cow footcare is improved.
  • Polishable
    Learn how to polish Agri-Rok.
  • Vertical Application
    Vertical Application
    Apply Agri-Rok to vertical surfaces.


New Product Announced

CCSI is proud to present a new graphene concrete additive product called GNP, which will help to strengthen the Agri-Rok product. Watch the video for details.



CCSI Agri-RocCharacteristics of CCSI’s Agri-Rok Overlay

Trowelable - Can be trowel finished for a super smooth appearance without polishing.

Stainable - The unsealed (antique white) overlay will take water based or solvent based stains and dyes.  In many cases the overlay can be cast, stained, and sealed in one day.

Polishable - Agri-Rok can be polished the day after placement in most cases. 

Greater long Term Strength - Agri-Rok Overlay has greater long-term strength than concrete made with OPC, due to the denser matrix and special additives. The 28-day strength of Agri-Rok Overlay is greater than 10,000 PSI, more than twice the strength of ordinary concrete.

Increased Resistance to Acids - Agri-Rok Overlay has a much lower porosity and permeability than concrete made with Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). Pore sizes are smaller and less numerous.  This reduces the rate of penetration of acids into the concrete, giving enhanced protection from acids, erosion and abrasion damage.  When combined with Trinic’s Agri-Rok sealer the system is ready for use in as little as 5 hours.

Increased Resistance to Sulphates - Sulphates can be present in feed, slurry, manure and wastewater. Sulphates react with calcium oxide (free lime) present in concrete, causing the concrete to expand and crack. Agri-Rok Overlay is a sulphate-resisting fast setting, cementitious composition with excellent adhesion. combined with Trinic’s Agri-Rok sealer, the system offers fast track, high performance optimum protection against sulphate attack.

Agri-Rok Overlay can be used to effectively repair damaged concrete feed areas or slabs, eliminating the need for early replacement. 

Concrete and the Farm Environment - The farm environment is very demanding on concrete. Exposure to ­acidic feed, milk, manure and cleaning fluids along with mechanical abrasion from farm vehicles often results in significant damage to concrete, requiring concrete to be repaired or replaced early in its service life.

The greatest amount of degradation tends to occur where there is a combination of both chemical attack and physical abrasion, such as feeding areas, silage pit aprons where tractors are handling silage, where animals are trafficking slabs, or where power-hosing washes acids onto concrete floors.

Agri-Rok Overlay was specifically designed to repair and provide additional protection to concrete from this damage and will greatly extend the service life of farm concrete.


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