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Advanced Clear
Hydrophobic Coating

Gentoo is the next generation of corrosion-resistant and easy-cleaning coatings. With its combination of high performing abrasion resistance and very low sliding angle, Gentoo excels where other coatings have fallen short..
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Chemical Containment is proud to offer the following sealant solutions:

Blome coatings

Blome Sealants offer...

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Seal Bond Products

Today, most adhesives and sealants used in industry are based on polyurethanes, silicones and polysulfides. They all have specific properties that make them suitable for particular applications. However, they each have their own disadvantages. Polyurethanes often suffer from poor UV stabilization; silicones are incompatible with acrylate emulsion paint systems; and dual component polysulfides are expensive and will degrade in sunlight.

Seal Bond technology is based on a unique polymer system that has none of the above-mentioned disadvantages. Our Seal Bond products have a prepolymer that react upon humidity to cure to a highly durable rubber mass, even in low humidity conditions. When bonding substrates such as glass, a tough bond occurs without the use of primer. Our polymer system has been in use throughout the world for the past twenty years and is quickly becoming the polymer of choice for compounding elastic structural sealants.

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